Leading for Local Values.

Honest.  Courageous.  Representative.

Fighting for a Conservative Future

Josiah Magnuson has been active and involved as your representative. He possesses the unique ability to respect and work with people of any ideological viewpoint while standing firm to vote according to his deep conservative convictions. 

Josiah understands that the future of our country is at stake today. America's foundations are under attack by flawed socialist thinking on the one hand and an entrenched Deep State on the other. But Josiah knows there is a path to restore our country if we will honor God, enforce the Constitution, and defend individual liberties. That hope is what gives him the courage to fight for our families.

As your servant in Columbia, Josiah shares your frustration with state government. He has consistently worked to clean up Columbia, fighting for reform in the roads and transportation system, state employee pensions, judicial election process, education bureaucracy, and more.

Josiah has been working with other conservatives in the House and Senate to build a team for America First common sense solutions that will make South Carolina a better place. He believes more freedom and more government accountability will lead to more prosperity: something we can all unite behind. In April 2022, this work culminated in his co-founding of the SC Freedom Caucus with 12 other conservative House members. This caucus is affiliated with the U.S. House Freedom Caucus including fighters like Congressman Jim Jordan and Congressman Ralph Norman. It will provide a forum for courageous conservative legislators to pull together for issues that are often ignored by the weak political establishment.

Josiah has been true to his promises: voting against the gas tax hike, fighting to recognize human life at conception, changing minds in the House toward real judicial reform, vocally advocating for the First, Second, and Tenth Amendments, defending our historical monuments, and remaining accessible and accountable to the people of District 38. 

Josiah Magnuson is recognized in the State House as a small government champion. He has been rated one of the most conservative legislators in South Carolina over and over again:

2017 - SC Club for Growth, A+

2019 - SC Club for Growth, A+

2019 - Republican Liberty Caucus, 100%

2021 - SC Club for Growth, A

2021 - American Conservative Union/CPAC, 90%

Josiah has consistently worked to defend the taxpayer against ever-growing state spending. He believes the priorities in Columbia are often in the wrong places. One example occurred during the 2018 budget debate when Josiah advocated for $5 million in funding for school resource officers, but the House voted down his amendment and instead spent the money on tourism advertising! Fortunately, after overwhelming public response, $2 million was placed in the budget for SROs, which was raised to $10 million in 2019. Josiah seeks to fully fund core functions of government like our roads, education, courts, and law enforcement rather than throwing money away on pet projects.

Josiah lives out his belief in transparency.  Since his election, Josiah has held monthly town hall events, provided consistent email updates on how he is voting, and been responsive on Facebook and by phone. You can call his personal cell at 864-420-7933, or connect directly with him on Facebook at www.fb.com/magnusonsc.

To view Josiah's voting record, visit his State House website here and then click "Find Votes" at the bottom right.