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What are the Facts about Lake Lyman Heights Rd.?

Rep. Josiah Magnuson's paranoid opponent, sponsored by big money from downtown Greenville and the Columbia establishment in a desperate attempt to short-circuit Josiah's leadership for reform, has stated that Josiah gave away 92% of our district's road money to a developer who contributed to him.  She has accused Josiah of being a criminal and alleges there is a current SLED investigation of the situation.  These claims are completely false!  

Let's look at what really happened:

First, Josiah ensured that every project inside our district that qualified for CTC money was fully funded.  The small sliver of road money ($60,750) spent on Lake Lyman Heights Rd. would have defaulted from the "set-aside" back to the general county fund if not allocated for a project, so it would have been spent outside the district anyway.  If there had been other qualifying projects in District 38, Josiah would have recommended that the money be used on those, because our community will always be his priority.

Second, Josiah has no authority to give away money!  All "set-aside" projects have to meet a set of qualifications and then be vetted and approved by the CTC (County Transportation Commission).  Lake Lyman Heights Rd., the road in question where safety improvements were funded, is a public county road and this project was no exception to the rules.  In fact, the CTC board actually revisited this project in May and reaffirmed its decision to fund it, saying the project was a valid use of funds.  These facts can be verified by calling CTC Advisory Committee Chairman Travis Brown at 864-595-5318.

Third, the Lake Lyman Heights Rd. project was a cooperative effort between the Spartanburg County legislative delegation, County Council, and the CTC board to make safety improvements, requested by the community, for that road.  This cooperation within Spartanburg County is commonplace and is encouraged under CTC policy.  Even better, the delegation was able to save taxpayer dollars for the entire county by persuading a local developer, Enchanted Construction, to contribute $100,000 toward repairing this county road.  This project was a win-win for everyone.

Fourth, Enchanted Construction did contribute to Josiah's campaign in 2016 and again to his re-election campaign, simply because Josiah shares the Christian conservative views of its owners.  Other members of the Spartanburg delegation who recommended "set-aside" funds be used on Lake Lyman Heights Rd. did not receive donations, including Democratic Rep. Rosalyn Henderson-Myers who recommended even more money than Josiah ($64,395).  Josiah has never granted political favors for a donation - and never will.  His record of character proves he's not for sale.

Fifth, the allegation that there is a SLED investigation of the situation is completely false.

As he fights for overall transportation system reform, Josiah has also been working hard to get roads fixed now and has built a good relationship with the folks at SCDOT, SPATS, and the CTC.  For example, he helped get I-26 repaved which was sorely needed, and has received a commitment from SCDOT that the Mt. Lebanon Church Rd. bridge will be replaced with construction starting in Spring 2019.  He looks forward to continuing to be effective for our district and get more roads fixed while saving money for taxpayers!

Don't believe the wild allegations Josiah's opponent and her big-money establishment consultants are spinning!  You deserve a representative who will be honest with you, not one who spreads slander for the sake of political ambition.  

Please vote June 12 for the truth to prevail!