Our Voice for District 38.

Honest.  Courageous.  Representative.

Ten Ways I Will Courageously Represent You

1. Life 

I will never cast a vote to support abortion.  Further, I will sponsor and champion a Personhood Amendment to the SC Constitution, defining preborn children as human beings under the law.


2. The Constitution 

I will fight for the U.S. Constitution in its original intent by the Founders, and I will defend the sovereignty of our state against faulty attempts by the judicial branch to make law.  It should be noted that one major way we are seeing an incursion on the Constitution is in the area of the family.  I will stand unashamedly for natural marriage.  I will introduce legislation to defend our state against mounting Federal attempts to control the upbringing of children.


3. Guns

I will seek to make it easier rather than harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their neighbors.

4. Spending

I will seek to cut wasteful spending in state government, fully fund the Local Government Fund, and oppose new taxes.  I will vote against any proposed budget that does not significantly curb South Carolina's dependence on the Federal dole, which currently provides 39% of annual state money.

5. Roads 

We need our roads fixed.  But the problem is the power structure in Columbia.  Currently, just a handful of legislators control the money.  I believe the proposed gas tax increase is mainly about funding pet projects and possibly for new mass transit programs.  Until I am confident that sufficient SCDOT reforms have been implemented and the process is fully transparent to the public, I will vote against any legislation that increases revenue.  (See below for five of my proposals - note that more ideas are on the way.)


6. Education 

I will vigorously defend teachers and students in every education context, including homeschooling, oppose every attempt to put Federal controls on education, and empower parents to make the decisions that are right for their children.


7. Heritage 

I will honor our heritage and defend our state’s historical monuments because I believe those who forget the past cannot rightly chart the future.


8. Judicial Reform

Our state is the only one in the country that allows lawyers in the legislature to appoint judges.  I believe this system creates a conflict of interests.  I will work to abolish the Judicial Merit Selection Commission (JMSC), a handful of politically-connected individuals who decide which candidates are eligible to be a judge.  I will also do all I can to change the antiquated system as a whole by advocating for appointment of judges by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate.

9. Refugees 

I will co-sponsor a bill preventing state agencies from assisting in any resettlement of refugees provided for by the United Nations, and prohibits state and Federal funds in SC from being used for this purpose.


10. Healthcare 

I will work to empower community solutions rather than government programs by ending crony deals, eliminating “Certificates of Need” that hurt doctors, expanding state protection of medical caretakers from liability, and working to prevent Obamacare from controlling the market.

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Five Common Sense Reforms to Fix Our Roads

A long-term roads solution will require reform.  One major reason our transportation is ineffective is we are putting too much money toward pet projects like roundabouts, bike lanes, sidewalks, and new roads.  Others reasons, according to the 2016 audit, include a lack of a clear prioritization system, a lack of leadership and accountability, a lack of consistent outside review, and more.  We may need more revenue later on - but we can't give the state a raise until we can verify it's doing its job.

Several crucial reforms include:

1. Abolish the State Transportation Infrastructure Bank.  The only thing STIB does is put our state in debt.  It’s a tool of establishment cronies to fund their pet projects.  Let’s get rid of it.

2. Make SCDOT Accountable to the Governor.  Currently, a small handful of legislators, called the Joint Transportation Review Committee (JTRC), controls who is appointed to the SCDOT Transportation Commission.  Eliminating this political power structure and placing SCDOT directly under the Governor - so that commissioners can be hired and fired like in a business - streamlines the process and provides needed statewide accountability.

3. Fund the Local Government Fund and Transfer Some State Roads to Counties.  As of 2015, South Carolina had the third longest road system in the country.  Our state should begin placing some roads under local control.  However, the legislature cannot do so until they fulfill their legal commitment to the counties to fully fund the Local Government Fund.

4. Begin Weaning South Carolina Off Federal Cash.  Right now, Federal money pays for over a third of our state budget.  Federal money always comes with strings attached, whether now or later.  In regards to roads, Federal funding mandates a percentage of our matching transportation spending go toward the construction of new roads instead of regular repair and maintenance.  As long as the legislature is taking this cash, they will be building roads we don’t need.

5. Decentralize the Columbia Bureaucracy.  Our seven district transportation engineers know how to do their job.  But right now their projects are subjected to an inane amount of regulation and approval from politicians in Columbia (and in the Federal government).  We need to ensure that district engineers have the ability to be effective.  Decentralizing power is a great thing.

Josiah pledges to NOT VOTE for new revenue until common sense reforms are implemented.