Our Voice for District 38.

Honest.  Courageous.  Representative.

Amid the confusion of Columbia, Rep. Josiah Magnuson is a leader
for small government, family values, and conservative reform.

Participate in government!  Next neighborhood townhall:

January 4 at 6:30pm - Dutch Plate Restaurant - Campobello
Does Josiah represent me?  District 38 stretches across northern Spartanburg County.  The towns of Landrum and Campobello are in the district, as well as most of Chesnee.  Other areas include Gramling, Holly Springs, Motlow Creek, Fingerville, New Prospect, and northern Inman.

Find a map of District 38 here.
Enact Personhood Legislation to Defend Preborn Children

Fix our Roads by Reforming the
Transportation System

Protect Gun Rights

Restore Integrity in Government

Cut Crony Spending

Uphold the U.S. Constitution with the Tenth Amendment

End Lawyers Appointing Judges and Enact Real Judicial Reform

Stand Up for South Carolina Heritage and Historical Monuments

Unleash Local Business and Community