Our Voice for District 38.

Honest.  Courageous.  Representative.

Rep. Josiah Magnuson is an effective, courageous leader in Columbia for
small government, family values, and conservative reform.

Vision for South Carolina

Enact Personhood Legislation to Define Life at Conception

Fix our Roads by Reforming the
Transportation System

Protect Gun Rights and Enact Open Handgun Carry

Restore Accountability and Integrity in Government

End Lawyers Appointing Judges and Enact Real Judicial Reform

Cut Crony Spending and Enact Tax Reform

Defend the Family by Preserving Constitutional Liberties

Stand Up for South Carolina Heritage and Historical Monuments

Expand Free-Market Healthcare Access

Maintain Education Freedom and Ensure Local Control

Josiah Magnuson is working toward greater transparency in government!  

Click here to access his campaign finance reports.  

Enter "Magnuson", "State House Representative" and "2018" and then choose "38".

Who is Josiah?

Rep. Josiah Magnuson is a Republican running for re-election as the State House member representing District 38, including Landrum, Campobello, northern Inman, Lake Bowen, and Chesnee.  

Known for his longtime work to clean up Columbia and preserve family values, Josiah is beholden to no one but you.  He has a proven record of representing the people rather than the special interests,  

He hopes to earn your support to continue as a trustworthy consistent voice for our community.